Vi by Kim Thuy

Vi by Vietnamese-Canadian author Kim Thuy is the second of her three books I have read. It is translated from French into English. The chapter titles are In the columns, and certain words and phrases are in English if needed.

What I love most about Thuy’s books is the writing. The language is lyrical and her descriptions of food and settings are written so incredibly well you will be able to taste the food and feel like you have stepped into any place she describes. I also love that I always learn about other cultures and she writes about cultures she knows so it feels authentic because it really is.

I didn’t fall in love with any characters. To me, none of them were developed in great depth. This book is fiction, but I think that Kim Thuy used Vi, the main character, to share some autobiographical information. They have a lot in common. Besides the immigration experience of leaving Viet Nam and coming to Montreal, Canada, they also study the same subjects and I’m sure there is more. I would like to know, just how much Thuy used of herself in this story.

A memoir from her would be highly anticipated.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛

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