Three Top Notch Chocolate Desserts

There is just something about being on an island, by the water, the fresh air and of course, the chocolate!

While travelling in Maine this summer, I ate some very good food. One of the best desserts I have ever had was in Bar Harbor. After a lovely afternoon spent by the water we had dinner at The Reading Room at the Bar Harbor Inn. I decided to have a lighter meal so I could rationalize having dessert. I ordered oysters and lobster bisque. Both were excellent. I especially liked the oysters, served with two different sauces.

When it came time to look over the dessert menu it didn't take me long to decide on the Decadent Chocolate Torte. It was heavenly! The texture was smooth. It wasn't too dense. It kind of melted in your mouth. I savoured EVERY bite!

Decadent Chocolate Torte - The Reading Room at Bar Harbor Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine 2019

The torte reminded me of another dessert I had three years before that also rates high on my dessert list. I had been travelling in Iceland and was also near water. I could not and still cannot pronounce the name of the restaurant - Sjavarpakkhusid. I attempt the name of the village/town - Stykkisholmur, but I'm sure I butcher it. What I do know is that I had devoured a delicious meal of a light salad and red fish before checking out the dessert menu.

When I saw the words Chocolate Shock, it kind of spoke to me and I knew immediately I must try it. I still remember that first bite and my eyes widened with surprise, or in this case with shock, at the amazingness. Like Bar Harbor's Chocolate Torte, this had a smooth and creamy texture, but this had more of a mousse feel to it.

The Chocolate Shock - Sjavarpakkhusid in Stykkisholmur, Iceland, 2016

To celebrate the end of summer, we ate at the Table Rock House Restaurant in Niagara Falls, ON. Once again, by the water with a spectacular view and a rainbow, there was delicious food.

I had the Manitoulin Island Smoked Rainbow Trout Cake with cucumber and fennel slaw, sweet pea puree, and beet oil drizzle. For an entree I had the Stuffed Ontario Chicken Breast filled with butternut squash, kale, roasted corn, and Glengarry Lankaaster cheese. Kozlik's mustard cream sauce, locally sourced vegetables and Yukon gold potato and leek mash. All delicious food and then there was dessert.

Table Rock House Chocolate Bombe - Table Rock House, Niagara Falls, ON - 2019

Like the chocolate shock, when a dessert is called a chocolate bombe it kind of says, pick me! The Table Rock House Chocolate Bombe is beautiful. A smooth dark chocolate mousse, cocoa sponge, ganache glaze with a chocolate liqueur syrup. WOW!

It really is the BOMBE and the chocolate liqueur syrup is served in a lovely chocolate tulip!

If you are a chocolate lover and need a chocolate fix, I highly recommend the Decadent Chocolate Torte in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Chocolate Shock in Stykkisholmur, Iceland, and the Table House Chocolate Bombe in Niagara Falls, ON. Your taste buds will thank you.

You're welcome.

The Reading Room

Sjavarpakkhusid Restaurant @Sjavarpakkhusid

Table Rock House Restaurant

Chocolate adventures await!

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