The Shadows by Alex North

The Shadows is the first book I read, and thanks to NetGalley and MacMillan Audio, also listened to. According to goodreads, Alex North is a crime and thriller author from the UK and has written under a different name in the past.

I love the cover! I think it's so clever and it definitely drew me in. Like the cover, this book was creepy, but in a really good way. I think the audio made it even creepier, having a voice right in your ear, telling you about The Shadows where something or somebody might be hiding. That's what Paul, the protagonist must find out.

Paul Adams is returning to the small town he grew up in because his mother is dying. Coming back to his hometown forces him to face his past and a murder that happened 25 years ago. There's been many copycat murders since then and Paul feels guilt for the part he played in the initial murder.

As Paul remembers his past, we learn of his high school friends. One of them is Charlie Crabtree and he gave me the heebie jeebies. He has the group of friends form a club to practice lucid dreaming and showing up in each other's dreams. He's always bringing the group into The Shadows and since that first murder 25 years ago, Charlie hasn't been seen.

The writing is excellent. The story revealed gradually and keeping me guessing. I will definitely read more Alex North.

The audio is narrated by Hannah Arterton and John Heffernan and they do a great job converying the eerieness of this story. If you like haunting and chilling, then The Shadows is for you.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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