The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber

The Secret Life of Walter-Mitty by James Thurber is more of a short story that might be about 30 pages. I read it on my kindle so the page number is a guesstimate.

Before reading the story, I hadn't yet seen the movie starring Ben Stiller. I had seen previews and when I was visiting Iceland in 2016, our tour guide pointed out some of the shooting locations. So I had always been curious about this movie. We recorded the movie when it was on TV and I thought I would read the book first. Well, I'm not sure that it really mattered.

I watched the movie a few days after seeing the movie and I wouldn't say that the movie follows the book. It's more, inspired by it. This is one of those incredibly rare moments where I enjoyed the movie more and thought the book was, not necessary. I can’t say that there was character development or even a real story line. I don’t think I would even know that Mitty uses his imagination to get through his every day life if it weren’t for the movie previews I had seen.

I kept thinking that I must be missing something, but for me, I was glad that the story was a short story. In this case, I say watch the movie; it's not necessary to read it.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🌱

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