The Red Chesterfield by Wayne Arthurson

The Red Chesterfield is probably the most unique, quirky, funny, and odd book I’ve ever read. This is a mystery, a crime story. Wayne Arthurson is a “new to me” author. He’s an indigenous author, Cree and French Canadian.

The structure of this book was interesting. Every chapter is no longer than a page. Some are only a sentence long. It made for a quick read and made the story move at a good pace.

The story is about the main character, M. He is a by-law officer and he comes across a red chesterfield that has been left in a ditch. His curiosity gets the best of him and he finds a shoe in the back of the chesterfield, inside the shoe is a severed foot. Now M finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.

Not only did I love how this story was told, but I loved the characters. M has two brothers, J & K. (There is no mention of a L). There are side characters (with names that are not letters of the alphabet). All of them are a little quirky.

I thought this book was brilliant. There are so many layers to it and if you are hoping for an ending that will be all packaged up with a nice little bow you will be very disappointed but that’s one of the brilliant things about it. I think 10 people could read this and get 10 completely different things out of it. It’s a great one for discussion. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants something different, enjoys interesting characters and a little mystery.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

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