The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin

Happy Pub Day to The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin. Thank you to Emily and to Random House for this gifted ARC and for giving me two days of drinking hot chocolate while I sunk myself into the lives of Cecily and Grant in New York City in 2001.

If you are an Emily Giffin fan, you will enjoy this book. If you haven't read Emily before, give this one a try. It was exactly what I needed after some pretty heavy books and it helped me get my mind off the world.

Cecily and Grant quickly forge an unlikely connection and fall in love faster than I can type this sentence. Their relationship moves at a staggering speed and for the reader, there are a number of red flags. For once in her life, Cecily is following her heart, not her head and doesn't see what is coming. It's a little too good to be true.

Then September 11 happens. New York City is attacked and Grant goes missing. Cecily fears the worst, but hopes to find him alive. Then she sees his name on a poster and realizes there's someone else looking for him. Cecily begins searching for the person who is searching for her boyfriend. Who she finds might not be who you would expect and the truth begins to be revealed. But everyone seems to have secrets. As Cecily learns more of the truth, can she love someone who she might not really know? There are still twists as Cecily learns more about Grant and if you have read other books by Emily Giffin, you will recognize a few of her earlier characters.

I'm not really sure that 9/11 needed to be used in this story. Another, less emotionally charged, tragic event could have sufficed. I can see the possibility of some people not too pleased with 9/11 being part of the story in this case. The ending is not what I was expecting and usually that's a good thing, if there's a twist for me that I didn't see coming, but I found this ending to be "bow way too perfectly tied".

If you are looking for a mature love story, I don't think that's what you get here. If you are looking for an easy read, a book to use for escapism, then this could work. It was a good escape book for me and it did make me want to go back and read some of Giffin's earlier books that I haven't had a chance to read yet.

This one is on sale starting today.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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