The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

I have ten Elin Hilderbrand books stacked on my shelf. I have finally read one of them. My first Elin Hilderbrand novel was The Island It is definitely a summer read, as I think all of her books are, or at least, they have that feel to them.

The Island is about four women who gather on Tuckernuck Island in Nantucket to get away from it all. The first woman is Chess who is engaged to get married and for some unknown reason has called off the wedding. To make matters worse, a tragedy happens that Chess blames herself for but no one can understand why. The four women make plans to stay on Tuckernuck for a month while they heal and support one another.

The second woman is Tate, Chess' sister. Tate seems to have always been in the shadow of her sister, the one left behind. She feels that she will never have what she wants, but hopes that this summer there might be love in the air.

Birdie is Chess and Tate's mother who prides herself on being a mother. She is divorced from their father and is in a new relationship with a married man.

India, Birdie's sister is the most mysterious woman. She's reflecting on her own recent relationship with someone from work and is not sure what she will do next.

It took me a good 100 - 150 pages to get into the story. The four story lines do move along, I just found that there were some details that weren't needed. It's an easy read and as I say, a perfect summer or beach read. In the end, it has a good feeling and I have remembered the characters so that's a sign that they were written well.

I will definitely read more by Hilderbrand.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛

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