The Harpy by Megan Hunter

First, I must say that this novel gets a star for it's captivating cover. The novel is a quick and somewhat dark read. The story is about an average couple, Lucy and Jake who have two children. Lucy works from home and on one very normal day, the telephone rings and a man tells her that Jake is having an affair with his wife. This changes everything.

Lucy and Jake come to an agreement that Lucy can hurt Jake three times; he won't know how or when, but they believe it will even the score between them and they can carry on.

The writing was my favourite part of the book. I loved the poetic flow and how it captured a mundane and dark atmosphere. The writing of caring for children and taking care of a house are not usually details I find interesting, but somehow Hunter makes them vital.

There are breaks between chapters in which we find out about Lucy's lifelong obsession with harpies and we gradually see some components of magical realism as she transforms herself psychologically and physically. I loved this concept but in the end it fell a bit flat for me which was disappointing.

The themes of infidelity, marriage, revenge, and metamorphosis had much more potential; I think if given just a few more pages it could have gone deeper, maybe even a little darker, and had more impact.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🌱

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