Tattered Cover

When it comes to books, I like them as pristine as possible so tattered covers (with a few exceptions) do not usually capture my attention. The Tattered Cover Book Stores in Denver, CO on the other hand, are certainly appealing. There are three locations in Denver and one in Littleton, CO. I had the great pleasure of visiting all three Denver Tattered Cover Book Stores in 2018. The first location I visited was on Colfax Avenue. I went in thinking I would kill some time before a concert. What I didn't know was that I would be engaging in something sacred. My breathing quickened, my palms got sweaty and I fell in love with this book store.

First, I have to mention the shelves. They are beautiful and there are so many of them. They are very well organized and well stocked. This location is quite large, but it has the feel of a small book shop. Great care has been given to their displays and throughout the store different books have been identified as V.I.B's for Very Important Books. Staff have picked books that have importance to them for different reasons and they give a summary of what the book is about and why they recommend it. I spent a good deal of time here and could have stayed even longer.

The second location is in the LoDo district which is Lower Downtown, the oldest neighbourhood in Denver. It is also quite welcoming and includes a map at the entrance so people can put a pin where they are from.

Inside Union Station is where you will find the third location. It is a much smaller store compared to the other two which is to be expected; it is part of a row of other shops in the station. Despite the size, they have a lot of books on display including a good section on Colorado and the Denver area. Travelers taking the train were making good use of their waiting time by browsing. @tattered.cover

Book adventures await!

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