Stealing Love by H. Schreter

In February, my online book club chose, Stealing Love: A Humorous Romantic Novel by H. Schreter. Usually in February, I read one romance/love type book and thought this would be it. So I decided to leave reading the "love story" until the end of the month, I wish I hadn't.

When I read a title that has love in it along with humorous and romantic, my immediate thought is that this book will have a love story and will make me laugh. Boy, was I wrong. First, it begins by giving the reader permission to not like the main character. The main character who is never named. I realize that has worked for some stories, but I don't think it worked here. The main character is flawed, for sure. That usually makes a character believable, and even endearing, in this case it made him boring.

The nameless main character travels to Romania to find land for a hotel. He ends up in a little village with quirky characters. He "falls in love" with a woman in about ten seconds, calls her his angel for the rest of the novel (gag) and the story goes from there. There are a few moments where the antics that take place reminded me of movies like Waking Ned Devine. The difference being, that Waking Ned Devine had some enjoyable characters.

I realize that maybe the humour got lost in translation. Maybe it's a cultural thing and I missed it. All I know is that I did not steal any love from this one.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛

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