Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald

What do you do when your dating life is non-existent? The answer, at least for Charlotte, is to turn to google. There she finds a podcast called Sorry Not Sorry that offers challenges that are supposed to give her love life a boost.

This is a contemporary romance with a Sophie Kinsella kind of vibe that takes place in England. It was chosen by my online book club. It is not my usual genre, but one of the main reasons I am part of book clubs is to get me reading outside my comfort zone.

The first 50 - 75 pages, I kept questioning why I was reading this book. It was not my thing and I found myself rolling my eyes. However, something shifted and I did eventually get into it. It's cute, with quirky characters and there is a story beyond how a man will complete a woman's life. It just took a while to get there. Relationships are tricky, whether that is navigating two new roommates, a best friend and her entourage of bridesmaids or trying to find that certain someone. As we travel with Charlotte on her love adventures there are mishaps and worries that every woman can relate to and there are also a few dirty bits.

The last part of the book saved it for me. There was a part that left me with my mouth wide open, staring at the page. Didn't see that coming! If you like the characters, you can read more about them in other books by Sophie Ranald.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛

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