Scribbles: A Poetry Book by Sara Islam

Thank you to Sara Islam for the e-copy of her poetry collection, Scribbles for an honest review.

Let's begin with this cover. I was, and maybe still am, a bit mesmerized by it. It's quite stunning.

The poetry collection itself is divided into three sections with fifteen poems in each section. The poetry begins with pain, hurt, struggles and strong emotions. There's a fighting spirit in the words with lines such as,

"I want to be my own limited edition".

Although the poetry is about pain, it is also about hope. The poems flow well and we move from the pain, to find someone fighting to become who they know they can be despite the past. Lines such as

"Now, I'm an adult,

and a mermaid in my own sea."

shows personal growth and the books ends with a poem called

'A Blazing Fire' that shows determination and confidence.

Every poem rhymes and are either in 2 or 4 line verses. Because of this, it can almost feel like one poem blends into another so I would suggest reading a few poems at a time and not an entire section or the whole book like a novel. Take it in sips, not in gulps.

Some of the imagery was interesting. The poem, 'You Didn't Know' used the seasons in a unique way and had more depth than some of the other poems. I also liked 'Walking on Strings'; the title itself paints a picture.

Ultimately, sharing poetry makes one vulnerable as the poet spills their thoughts and feelings on a page so I appreciate Sara Islam for trusting me with that.

This book is available on Kindle if you are interested in checking out some of Sara Islam's poetry.

Bookworm rating: 🐛🐛🐛

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