Open-Heart Surgery By Johanna Leo

Open-Heart Surgery is a poetry collection by debut author, Johanna Leo. Johanna is originally from Mexico and is now based in Hawaii.

This collection is divided into 3 sections. Funhouse Mirrors, Muscle Memory which are her poems and then a third section that invites the reader to reflect and be creative using different prompts.

The Line drawings on the cover and sprinkled throughout are by Michelle Gomez and they do add to Leo’s words.

There is a warning content about suicide, sexual assault and eating disorders. The author is upfront about that in the book and has kindly marked the poems with these topics with an asterisk.

For a young writer, I was impressed how seamlessly Johanna used nature in her poetry. She personifies nature so beautifully. Her descriptions are remarkable. Many times, I would stop to read a line over again, sometimes out loud to feel it on my tongue. Her arrangements of words in a verse or line, was often astounding and charismatic.

If you are looking for a new poet to read, Johanna Leo is someone to pay attention to.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🌱

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