One Drum: Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet by Richard Wagamese

If you've been reading my book reviews this year, you will already know that I love Richard Wagamese. One Drum: Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet was published after his death and It. Is. Exceptional.

The plan for this book was to take the seven grandfather teachings, (humility, respect, courage, love, honesty, truth, and wisdom) the foundational teachings of the Ojibway tradition and offer the teachings and ceremonies to all of us.

The stories told in this book are beautiful and poignant. They have a mystical element to them. As I read, I felt like a little kid, sitting cross legged, staring up at an adult soaking in every word they were saying and when it ended, hoping they would tell another.

The ceremonies described are sacred and personal with the desire and ability to be communal. Wagamese tells stories of his own life and shares how ceremonies helped him to heal and keep him in unity with others and creation. This book is an offering to us so that we can learn; we are offered healing and unity. We are all born of the same spirit, we are all energy, we are all connected. This book reminds us of that and helps us reconnect when we forget.

The only thing I can say was a disappointment, is that the book was never finished before Wagamese's death. It only includes three of the teachings: humility, respect, and courage. Maybe that's the gift that Wagamese has left for us - A solid foundation, to go out and learn about the remaining ones on our own.

A beautiful and timely book for our world.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

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