Love: A Collection of Prose and Poetry by Puja Mohan

I'll be honest. It's the cover that drew me to this collection of poetry. I am not often swayed by the cover of books, but every once in a while, one surprises me. I thought this was adorable.

This collection of poetry was something like $5. It includes 28 poems and probably took me less than twenty minutes to read.

At first, I thought the poetry is so simple. There's no complexity, but I was wrong. Mohan is able to capture a complex feeling in only a few words. If you have ever been in love, thought you were in love, if someone has ever loved you or you thought they loved you, then you can relate to something in these prose. Once I got to Piece by Piece, Scars and For Love, I realized that in just six short lines, a poem less than 20 words, Puja Mohan can pack a punch and describe something that I've never put words to.

You will recognize yourself and others in these poems. Be prepared.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛

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