Little Lending Libraries

This year, readers and book lovers are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Little Free Libraries.

Over the last ten years, these little libraries have sprouted up in neighbourhoods all over encouraging people of all ages to read. The coolest thing about it is that there’s no cost, just great books. Anyone can participate by having a little lending library, by donating to one, by finding your next read or a combo of these.

These two little libraries below are in my former neighbourhood and I loved walking by to see what was there. I donated several books to both. It's nice to see the little details and personal touches some of them have. Some include a little message explaining what a Little Free Library is, a quote or thought of the day and some even think of our furry friends. The one with the bench had a water bowl for dogs that my pups appreciated.

I‘ve come across them on my travels too, like the one below that was in Bangor, Maine.

They don’t have to be fancy and they often have some gems.

Now that I no longer live in a neighbourhood with one and cannot have one of my own, I check out the community bookshelf in our common room. It's the same idea for the people that live in my building. The shelf includes CD's, games and movies.

I have a hard time parting with my books, but over the last few years I have been getting better at letting some of them go. I like knowing I'm encouraging literacy and being part of someone's reading journey. I will be donating a few books this weekend and hope to go through some of my DVD's too.

Enjoy some donating and reading adventures!

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