Jimmy Rankin

Last weekend, I had the chance to see Jimmy Rankin in concert for the third time at one of my favourite venues in the Niagara region. I have enjoyed all of them, but this was my favourite live performance of his, so far. I first came to know who Jimmy Rankin was thirty years ago when I started listening to The Rankin Family. Jimmy was a bit younger then and so was I. I loved the sibling harmonies and early on, I started appreciating Jimmy's contributions to the band, vocally, musically, and especially the song writing. When Jimmy went solo, I stayed a fan and have been enjoying his music ever since.

In my opinion, he is one of the most underrated and perhaps overlooked Canadian Singer Songwriters. I love his lyrics. I love his authenticity and the emotion he puts into his lyrics and performances. He sounds exactly like he is supposed to sound, staying true to himself and his Eastern Canadian roots. Whenever I am listening to a Jimmy Rankin album or song, there is something in my soul that settles. Even his Christmas album has a distinctness to it.

Jamie Robinson, also from the East coast, was the special guest and obviously very talented himself. It was great to see them have fun on stage together.

Check out some of Jimmy Rankin's solo albums if you are looking for some music adventures.

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