Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

First, I need to say that one of my pet peeves as a reader is movie or tv show book covers. I won't dwell on it.

Hidden Bodies is the second book in the "You" series by Caroline Kepnes. Joe Goldberg is immediately in love with Amy Adams, but when he realizes some truths about who Amy really is, he decides to move to Los Angeles and have a new start. He starts working in a book store and meets some interesting characters. Although Joe is trying to move forward, his past keeps creeping up. Beck and Delilah are still in his head. Then there's Amy to deal with and a cop that keeps sniffing around. In his search for what he considers true love, Joe's body count starts to pile up.

Like the first book, the best thing about the writing is that it is from Joe's point of view. There's never a dull moment being inside a psychopath's mind. The way he rationalizes and explains his actions continues to be hair raising. Plus, he still has his sense of humour.

If you enjoyed, You, then you will most likely enjoy Hidden Bodies. If language and explicit sex scenes aren't your thing then you might want to stay clear of this one.

There are some differences between the book and the second season of the Netflix show, but it follows the majority of the story. Both the show and the book, leave me interested in what's to come. Hopefully, the third book will be out soon.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🌱

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