Friday is almost over so I want to make sure to get this Friday Feature out before the clock strikes midnight. Last week, I featured the classic Anne of Green Gables and I thought I would feature another classic this week.

Farley Mowat is a Canadian literary icon. I first heard of him when I was in grade four because our teacher, Mr. Wallace read Owls In The Family to us while we ate our lunch. We loved it. My classmates and I fell in love with the story and had many laughs together over it.

The book is based on some of Mowat's childhood and I remember thinking that he was so lucky to have such an adventurous childhood. Owls in the family is about his pet owls and the trouble they cause in the neighbourhood. It is delightful.

This book always stuck with me and I decided to read it again as an adult not too long ago. It was mostly nostalgic and fun to revisit something I had such fond memories of. If you are looking for a funny and heartening story to share with your children or just to escape to a simpler time, this might be a book to check out.


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