Elevation by Stephen King

This Stephen King novella is a charming story about Scott Carey. At first, Scott is seemingly a normal guy who lives in Castle Rock, Maine; in his early 40's, recently divorced, but there is something about Scott that is unusual. He is losing weight at a rapid rate, but not experiencing any physical changes.

The concept of the story is intriguing. The question throughout: what happens when Scott reaches zero lbs. Of course the story isn't really about the weight loss; it's about what happens when Scott finds himself in this very unique situation. It's about intolerance, friendship, kindness and human potential.

" elevation. A sense that you had gone beyond yourself and could go farther still".

While reading, I did think that there would be potential for King to elaborate on the story and develop the characters more if that is what he had wanted. On the other hand it's nice to read a Stephen King book without a 1000 page commitment.

A tasty morsel for Steven King fans.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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