Dear Girl by Aija Mayrock

I am so glad I read Dear Girl by Aija Mayrock. I happened to stumble upon it and thought I would check it out. Then I started learning about Aija and how impressive she is. Then NetGalley had the audio version in which the author is the narrator. The words are enough, but listening to the audio, brought it to the next level.

Aija is a young woman, now almost 25, who published her first book at 16. She speaks and writes about bullying and mental health. And she does it in a potent and influential way.

Dear Girl is a debut collection of poems that Aija notes to the reader is not a memoir. What she doesn't warn you is that the poetry is powerful and it's going to punch you in the gut, making you feel vulnerable and then it will make you feel invincible, like you could conquer anything.

The audio of this book is Aija performing her poetry in spoken-word. She puts so much emotion into her words and no words are wasted, that not only are the words and message powerful, but the experience is intense.

If you are a woman or if you have women in your life who need to be empowered, then Dear Girl needs to be read by you, them and all who love you and them. I look forward to seeing what Aija does in her activist work and future writing. We are lucky to have her voice in the world.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

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