I have been following the Canada Reads competition for a few years now and have talked about it on my blog before. This year the competition was postponed due to COVID-19, but there are new dates and I have some exciting news.

Canada Reads is back on July 20-23rd and I’ve linked up with @canadareadsamericanstyle,@sareshears, and@the.bookmom, to do something we hope you will like. If you are already a Canada Reads Geek like myself or if this is something new for you, we think this will be something fun that you can all be part of and even have the opportunity to win some Canada Reads swag.

We will be meeting up each night after the book debates, LIVE on the Canada Reads American Style YouTube page to discuss, possibly debate, and maybe even refute what happened during the book debates.

We are all super excited and we hope you are too. Check out the YouTube video below, subscribe then join us. Watch live and make comments to win some cool Canada Reads swag.

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