Anna's Pet by Margaret Atwood

Two years after Margaret Atwood wrote her first children's book, Up In The Tree she partnered with Joyce Barkhouse to write Anna’s Pet. The illustrations are by Ann Blades. We see that either the publishing is a bit more advanced than in 1978 or there’s more money to publish a children’s book or both.

Atwood’s daughter would be four when this book was published in 1980 and the story is a bit more advanced, but builds upon the message of Up In The Tree. Anna, who lives in the city goes to visit her grandparents who live in the country. Anna is fascinated by all the land and animals and explores hoping to find a pet. With each animal she finds, a toad, a worm, a snake, she learns what they need in order to have a happy home and that being her pet wouldn’t be the best. Anna’s grandmother finds a temporary pet for her that she can bring home, but will need to bring back when she visits again.

Not surprising, This is a story that teaches children respect for nature and animals.

Bookworm Rating: 🐛🐛🐛🐛

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