20 Longlisted Canada Reads / 20 Canadian Authors to Not Overlook #Project2020

For many book lovers in Canada, CBC's Canada Reads is an exciting annual event. This year, Canada Reads celebrates 18 years. Canada Reads is a battle of the books for the entire country. The long list of fifteen books and this year's theme: One Book To Bring Canada Into Focus, were revealed earlier this month.

The next step in the process will be when the short list of five books is revealed on January 22, 2020 along with the five champions. The champions are celebrities who will defend the books. These debates will take place in March. Each day one of the books is voted out, until one book remains which is the book the entire country is encouraged to read this year.

I love that our country does this. It not only encourages reading, but learning about our country and the many talented writers in Canada. As someone who reads on a very regular basis, I appreciate this list because it always includes books I have never heard of and might not be on my radar otherwise.

For more information and to check out this year's long list you can follow this link:

For this #Project2020 book list, I want to offer twenty previous long listed Canada Reads books and authors. Although, the winning book does very well and as a Canada Reads Geek, I have read many of the winners, there are some real gems found in the long lists. I have not read all of these, only about 25%, but the rest continue to be on my TBR pile and I think I will find some good reading!

Here is 20 long listed Canada Reads / 20 Canadian authors not to overlook:

Long listed in 2019:

1. Corvus / Harold R. Johnson

2. That Time I Loved You / Carrianne Leung

3. An Ocean of Minutes / Thea Lim

4. Life On The Ground Floor / James Maskalyk

5. All Our Wrong Todays / Elan Mastai

6. The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary / Andrew Westoll

Long listed in 2018:

7. Seven Fallen Feathers / Tanya Talaga

8. Suzanne (shortlisted in 2019) / Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, translated by Rhonda Mullins

9. Dance, Gladys, Dance / Cassie Stocks

10. Scarborough / Catherine Hernandez

11. Saints and Misfits / S.K. Ali

Long listed in 2017:

12. Waiting for First Light / Roméo Dallaire, with Jessica Dee Humphreys

Long listed in 2015:

13. Monkey Beach / Eden Robinson

14. What We All Long For / Dionne Brand

15. All My Puny Sorrows / Miriam Toews

Long listed in 2014:

16. The Cellist of Sarajevo / Steven Galloway

17. Dogs at the Perimeter / Madeleine Thien

18. Fugitive Pieces / Anne Michaels

19. Galore / Michael Crummey

20. A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali / Gil Courtemanche

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