20 Faves / 20 Auto Buys #Project2020

To kick off #Project2020 I am going to start with a book list. As a bibliophile, (collector & lover of books), I love a good book list. I am drawn to them and get a lot of inspiration from them.

I pay attention to what my favourite authors are reading. I wait for Barrack Obama's and Bill Gates' reading lists at the end of every year. I pay attention to the New York Times book list, the Globe and Mail book lists, NPR's book lists and really ANY book list. I liked David Bowie and liked him even more when I found out he was a reader and his book lists became a big deal. I have been known to pick up a book because Russell Crowe "recommended it to me". You get the idea.

We can learn a lot about a person from their book shelves. What they are interested in and how they find a way to escape. These book lists will give you a glimpse at some of the books sitting on my shelves, what I've read, what I'm planning to read and hopefully you can find some inspiration in them.

This list includes some of my favourite books from authors (10 female, 10 male) that I consider to be "auto-buy" authors. An auto-buy author, for me, is an author who I automatically buy their books when they come out, an author who I aspire to read and own all of their books.

20 Faves / 20 Auto-buys

Here is the 20/20 list of 20 favourite books and 20 auto-buy authors:

1. The Red Tent / Anita Diamant

Probably my all time favourite book. I have liked all of Diamant's books, but this one is set apart.

2. The Invention of Wings / Sue Monk Kidd

Dance of the Dissident Daughter was my introduction to Sue Monk Kidd, much different than her fiction, but I loved her writing. All of her books have been very different, but all have the Kidd stamp.

3. Crow Lake / Mary Lawson

I remember staying up almost all night to read this one with the, "just one more chapter" syndrome.

4. Still Alice / Lisa Genova

This book made her famous and rightfully so; it also brought a lot of attention to Alzheimer's and Dimentia. I have loved all of her books. She has a way of drawing you in.

5. Fall On Your Knees / Ann-Marie MacDonald

This one stayed with me for a long while. In fact, it's still with me.

6. Room / Emma Donoghue

I read this before it became HUGE and a movie... loved the perspective it is written from.

7. Rush Home Road / Lori Lansens

A great historical fiction read that takes place close to home.

8. Where The Heart Is / Billie Letts

I bought this book on a whim when I was in university and read it in one sitting, (or one laying on the couch, really). All of her books have quirky characters that are endearing. When the movie came out, Forney was exactly how I had imagined him.

9. The Stone Carvers / Jane Urquhart

Another historical fiction. This one I read while visiting the Vimy RIdge monument that it describes.

10. The Signature of All Things / Elizabeth Gilbert

I read Eat, Pray, Love before all of the hype and I'm glad because I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much after the hype. I may not have become a fan and I would have missed out on this one which I adored.

10 Female Auto-buy Authors

11. A Prayer For Owen Meany / John Irving

Owen Meany has a special place in my heart. There was laughter and there were tears.

12. The Art of Racing In The Rain / Garth Stein

If you're a dog lover you will LOVE Enzo. If you are not a dog lover, you will love at least one dog - Enzo.

13. The Book of Negroes / Lawrence Hill

A female character written incredibly well from a male author. Plus, the story is good too.

14. The Power of One / Bryce Courtenay

Beware: if Courtenay is on your auto-buy list, all of his books are huge commitments, but worth it, I think.

15. Into Thin Air / Jon Krakauer

I love how I get sucked into all of his books, including this one. A true story about Everest.

16. She's Come Undone / Wally Lamb

Wally Lamb's debut novel and my first Wally Lamb book. I remember crying on the city bus while reading it and wondering how this man could capture a woman's heart and mind so perfectly.

17. The Book Thief / Markus Zusak

An intriguing story told by death. Yep, and it's a young adult book that I think everyone should read - don't just see the movie.

18. Indian Horse / Richard Wagamese

Such an important voice and this story is still living in my soul.

19. The Kite Runner / Khaled Hosseini

I still remember how I felt while reading this. Entranced!

20. On Writing / Stephen King

I have not read and I don't have all of King's books, but I have many and I always say I should read more of him, aspiring to be one of his many constant readers. He's not merely a horror writer; he's so versatile. I think with close to 100 novels to his name the guy really is the King of ... well, writing!

10 Male Auto-buy Authors

Hoping for more auto-buy adventures in 2020!

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