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where every day is an adventure

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry. ~ Jack Kerouac

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Who is Bookworm Adventure Girl?

Bookworm Adventure Girl loves to explore, to travel, to see new places, meet new people, to learn, to find that delectable taste of chocolate or that perfect crust-sauce-cheese combo of a pizza.

Bookworm Adventure Girl loves to read.  Books and everything about books makes her giddy.  She tries her best to read diverse books.  What does that mean?  To read authors and stories that represent different walks of life, different cultures and races, different ages and gender, different sexual orientations and different experiences.  This is so important to learn from other people's experiences.  

There are also authors and topics close to her heart and she loves to share all of that with others.  She reads new authors and tries to support them and she reads her faves.  Bookworm Adventure Girl is proud to be Canadian and reads many Canadian authors and promotes Canadian writers in various ways.  She reads about indigenous people, the Rwandan genocide, some heavy topics.  She also reads funny novels, poetry, thrillers and historical fiction. 


The list goes on... this platform gives Bookworm Adventure Girl an opportunity to do that in a number of ways and to interact with all of you.